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Michael Q Todd

Networking, Cleantech, Crypto Currencies, Tokyo Japan

@CrowdifyClub is a Social Network MLM we pay you @ ✌Recovering lawyer I ❤️ Bitcoin, Nature, Photography, Pinterest. Cleantech, SMM life

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Tokyo Japan



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4 days ago

What will happen to our Binary tree on March 1

Hi I understand that some of you are not interested in making money in Crowdify. Either you already have money or you simply do not like it. This is p...


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5 days ago

Stop doing free

A guy just messaged me on Facebook asking me to write a blog post reviewing his idea. I asked him how much the fee would be. He said he had not consid...


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6 days ago

You have to be 9 things to succeed online

In order for a community to be sustainable on a long term and offer true value I believe you need to have 9 key features or factors. I have spent the ...


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4 days ago

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