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@CrowdifyClub is a Social Network MLM we pay you @ ✌Recovering lawyer I ❤️ Bitcoin, Nature, Photography, Pinterest. Cleantech, SMM life

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13 hours ago

Back home in Tokyo for a whole. Quite a buzz about Bitcoin and crypto currency here

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1 week ago

Question and answer session about Crypto and Bitcoin tomorrow . Join us!

Things are moving fast in the world of crypto currencies. This is a free event and a great chance to ask questions of some experts and watch some shor...


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4 weeks ago

An open letter to Michael Kerferl about Superior coin #CryptoCurrencies #SuperiorCoin

I was excited to wake up and find this comment on my Facebook by a guy Michael who I have met at Bitcoin meetups in Tokyo.We have 25 mutual friends in...


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1 month ago

How do Bitcoin Visa and Mastercards work? Superior coin card coming soon! #Crypto #DebitCards @UquidCard

There are hundreds of Bitcoin Visa and Mastercard debit cards now I have been using one for over a year.These cards have now gone "virtual" so can be ...